Commenting Policy

Here at Four Birds Education we believe that focussing on the positive aspects of every problem is the best way to improve things.  We also believe that this website should be a safe place for children and parents to visit.  Therefore we do have a policy of deleting comments that meet any of the following criteria:

1. Any comment that attacks a person (ad hominem) rather than an action or an idea.  This is for two reasons: firstly because it promotes conflict and division.  Secondly, we all make mistakes, and that it is perfectly healthy and natural to do so, thus when people attack other people, rather than their ideas or actions, they are effectively holding them up to the standard of perfection.  This is irrational and unfair.  We all make mistakes, what is more important is how we respond to those mistakes not that we made them.

2. Comments that are completely off topic.  The purpose of this website is to provide useful and valuable information to people, not waste their time jumping from subject to subject.

3. Comments that are written with a malicious intent, either openly or subversively.  Four Birds Education is a place of learning, not for spreading self-doubt and confusion.

4. Posts intentionally written to cause controversy or to gain attention, also known as trolling or flaming.

Keep in mind, the emphasis in commenting should be directed towards sharing, making observations and encouraging other people.   Arguments on the Internet seldom go well for several reasons as healthy debate best occurs between people who accept and respect each other, not between rivals or opponents.

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