University Education

Universities are not what they used to be. Before the government was involved in how universities were run, they were beholden to the interests of the people paying for their services: the people who paid fees for admission into the courses and the companies who paid them to conduct research for them. They were dependent on private money forced universities to provide top quality education, training, and research. If they did not perform, no would go to the universities.
However, the government is now heavily involved in university funding and management. The university is no longer responsive to the needs of the students or the paying corporations. Instead they must meet the needs of their biggest donor: the state. The government want courses taught that are pro government policies and expansion. This insidious corruption of the universities is called political correctness.
Every course of the modern state funded university is now contaminated with political correctness which can only be described as brain washing to the benefit of promoting state power and interests. It is hardly surprising that young people today vote overwhelmingly to increase government powers and intrusions into their lives. They have a taught by a generation of teachers trained to promote the philosophy and interests of state power.
If you need to get a university degree, think carefull and consider if the price is worth it. More people than ever have degrees now making them next to useless in the job market. Also, they are for more expensive than they ever were thanks to government backed student loan programs. The quality of education and training is much lower to thanks to political correctness inserted into the curriculum. If you can avoid having to go to university for your career, it would probably be a good route to take.



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