The Fire Bird

Symbolised by the Eagle, the fire bird is bold, assertive, flamboyant, cunning and entertaining.  Fire birds are the movers and drivers of the world, constantly looking for new angles and ways to influence the outcomes of events.  They are in touch with their bodies and know how to use them.  Whether it be in sport, dancing or martial arts they seek to be one with their body and derive great satisfaction with overcoming challenges.

Traditional publicly funded education is almost completely at odds with the strengths of the fire bird.  Conformity and obedience training in public education aim to curtail the individuality, willfulness and passion of children.  However, learning how to assert yourself positively, how to lead other people and to take control of your body and fitness are essential skills to having a full and happy life.  Fire birds understand the value of being able to resolve disputes, set clear boundaries, protect themselves from bullies, cheer people up with some good humour and pursuing their interests honourably and fairly while striving to achieve their full potential.  Public schooling gives these qualities a bad rap calling these children unruly and disruptive.  However, the fire-bird represents the virtues of self-respect, self-discipline and initiative.

Common fire bird subjects: Health, leadership, humour, physical fitness, entrepreneurialism, athleticism, dance, sport, elocution, acting, self-defence, hunting, economics and the military.

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