The Benefits of Homeschooling

The benefits of homeschooling are many and varied.


When is your child ready to start learning how to read? Some kids are ready at age 9, others at age 3. Public schools treat all children as if they are the same and expect them to all start learning to read at around age 7. For the child who was eager and ready to learn reading at 3, they have just lost 4 years of time they could have spent reading and thus school will have set back their academic development enormously. For the child who is not yet ready to learn to read at 7, they will be humiliated and discouraged for two years feeling left out as their classmates go on to harder lessons without them. Eventually they will be ready and will have to play catch-up. The reasons why some children are read before others are complicated, but surprisingly many famous geniuses were late readers too, but for the poor child was was not ready, his confidence in himself was destroy



Skill Specialisation

Specialisation is is radically at odds with how the publicly funded schooling system works it might seem counterintuitive to parents coming from this background. Publically funded schools typically use standardised testing which is built on the assumption that all


Putting children in school and segregating them by age (and sex) can severely handicap a child’s ability to relate to other people who are older or of a different sex. Schools also typically segregate people by class as well. Homeschooled children by comparison socialise with a wide variety of children and adults who share similar interests to them. Whether these people are old or young, rich or poor, male or female is largely coincidental and as such tend to have friendships and relationships skills for dealing with a far broader range of people. Despite the stereotype of the oddball homeschooled child, homeschooled children are actually more socially competent than their publically school counterparts.

Avoidance of Political Indoctrination

Publicly funded schools tend to indoctrinate the children into whatever political ideology the ruling government have at the time, and in that country, were funding the universities who educated the teachers. Listed below are some examples of political ideologies that are considered highly contentious, if not flat out wrong, in academic circles but are actually taught in schools as though they were factual. You personally might agree or disagree with a variety of these and if you want to teach your own children these ideologies that is your prerogative as a parent, however, teaching these in school either officially or through subversive means in children’s books, cartoons, TV shows, music etc… Is morally questionable as it assumes the government and media owners should have more influence over children’s values than their parents. It also serves a conflict of interests where the government and media owners wish to brainwash children to support their pet political agendas and interests, without considering the harmful effects of these ideologies.

Examples of ideologies commonly taught in government schools:

Socialism, statism, imperialism, feminism, communism, anthropogenic climate change, multi-culturalism, critical theory, cultural relativism, economic rationalism, racism, rape culture, political environmentalism etc…

If you think any of these topics are not hotly disputed in academic circles then it is a tribute to publicly funded schooling and the mainstream media that they have convinced you to believe an absurdity is truth.

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