What is Parenthood?

A lot of people might think parenthood is just about having children. However, parenthood is a long and difficult journey where one does not simply bring a new human life into the world, but leads them on a journey to adulthood. The calling of a parent is to take an infant who is completely dependent on other people physically and emotionally, then nurture and raise them to be a completely independent adult. Parenthood requires a great deal of energy, effort, resolve, courage and patience to succeed in. In the past, there used to be a lot more support from tribal elders and community leaders to assist people in being successful parents. However, society has changed a great deal and many people face the difficult prospect of raising children either alone or without family or community support. Pages categorised as “parenthood” on this site aim to assist, inform, encourage and instruct parents to help them have the most enjoyable, successful and enriching experience of parenthood.

There is an organised political movement directed towards the discrediting of parenthood, effectively undermining the roles of mother and father. Parents are some of the hardest and most skilled workers a community has; parents are teachers, artists, workers, organisers, counsellors, chefs and security guards all wrapped up into one profession. However, political movements that seek total control over other people’s lives wish for the state to dominate a child’s upbringing. They attack parenthood specifically to undermine a parent’s confidence in their ability to raise, nurture and educate their own children. This is to demoralise parents into sending their children to public schools where they will learn the three “virtues” of obedience, conformity and apathy. These “virtues” serve only the ambitions of ruthless politicians and actively harm a child’s ability to grow into a fully developed adult and thus live a successful and fulfilling life.

Parenthood is about accepting that you are primarily responsible for your child’s education, well-being, safety, emotional maturity and eventual attainment of adulthood. The government only see your child as a resource they can tax and use to further their agendas, they cannot be trusted to give your child the love and acceptance their mother and father can give them.

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