The Earth Bird

Symbolised by the Raven, the earth bird is practical and hard working. The earth bird represents the virtues of self-efficacy and self-reliance. Everyone face practical obstacles in their lives, not just people who work in practical professions such as builders, mechanics, cooks and farmers, so it is important that children are raised to feel confident fixing many of their own problems. Being practical is not simply a manly thing, but equally a womanly thing, both sexes need to feel confident in their ability to fix practical problems and handle every day chores, else an intense anxiety about doing things develops leading to feelings of powerlessness.

People weak in the area of the earth bird often avoid starting new projects, attempting to fix simple problems or struggle with day to day chores like cooking and cleaning. Knowing how to iron clothes, chop vegetables, fix a fuse and re-ignite the hot water pilot light may all seem like small things to people who know how to do them, but for people who do not they are stressful and anxiety inducing ordeals. Publicly funded education seldom, if ever, teaches children even skills this basic and so we have large numbers of people who would rather buy tasteless processed food or spend $99 on an electrician for a blown fuse than fix it themselves for less than $1.

Teaching people how to fix and build simple things with wood, hammer and nails gives them confidence in the world. A person strong in the earth bird area does not panic when something breaks and does not feel too scared to attempt new projects in and around the home and workplace. Earth birds are creative with the tools and equipment they have available to them and are always fixing and inventing things. Earth birds feel confident acting in the world and do not worry much about what might happen to them should something break down.

Common earth bird subjects: Construction, mechanics, invention, innovation, cooking, building, pragmatics, gardening and agriculture.

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