The Air Bird

Symbolised by the Swift, the Air bird represents the human mind’s outstanding abilities to understand, observe, think, explain, investigate and discuss. Air birds are curious about the universe and seek answers to the many questions they have. Air-birds can be found studying in libraries, exploring the garden, pulling apart toys to understand them better and just asking lots of questions.

Air birds use their brains to observe and analyse the world around them. They love science, mathematics, philosophy and learning. Nothing is more fun to an air bird than learning new information and then playing with it in their minds creatively. Air birds represent the virtues of wisdom and understanding.

Traditional ideas of schooling tend to focus on the air bird, however, publicly funded schooling often damages the air bird in all of us. Air birds find learning fun, but in publicly funded schools learning is seldom fun. Air birds need constant stimulation from new ideas and challenges, but schooling typically means being taught the same thing over and over again, year after year. The ideas also tend to be taught by rote and not through games and creativity. This makes learning tedious, dull and boring. Thus the air bird is sadly an endangered species in a typical publicly funded school.

People who are in touch with their air bird qualities enjoy reading about the latest discoveries and newest ideas. They enjoy debates and lively conversation, and find it hard to ever feel bored in a world full of stimulating people, things and ideas.

Common air bird subjects: Science, philosophy, ethics, mathematics, rhetoric, languages, debating, economics, psychology and politics.

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