What is Adulthood?

Adulthood has become something of a confused term these days as people look towards the legal age of 18 as the definition of adulthood. In fact adulthood is not about how old you are, adulthood is when a person becomes physically and emotional independent of their parents. A 17 year old who can meet all of her emotional and material needs is technically an adult, while a 25 year old who cannot get by without emotional or financial support from her parents or a parent substitute is not.

Under this broader definition many people today who call themselves adults are not in fact in a state of adulthood. Adulthood is seen by many people for various reasons to be undesirable nowadays. Being dependent on other people is seen as being less lonely and more secure, but in actual fact it is neither of these things. Adulthood is also associated with the end of the fun and light-heartedness of childhood. Many people fear being self-responsible because they would like to remain childish and dependent on other people to look after their emotional needs rather than be a serious adult.

Not surprising a lot of people today are intuitively aware that they are not actually very happy people and find it difficult to be enjoy their lives, their hobbies, their careers and their relationships. This is because they have not completed their emotional develop into adulthood. Pages categorised as “adulthood” contain information that might be of particular interest to people wishing to improve their emotional health and raise their self-esteem. This theme is closely related to the water bird theme, however, keep in mind that the fire and earth bird themes are very important in adulthood too.

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