Support Us

Since this is a fledgling project, I am currently supporting all of its development out of my own pocket and in my own spare time between work commitments.

Once I have an ABN and PayPal account set up I will be adding a donate button to help raise funds so I can spend more time working on this website and providing higher quality material.  I will be completely relying on the generosity of people who find my research and articles worthwhile to them until I am in a position to actually quit my job and do this full time.

In the meantime, please send me feedback!  What works, what does not work, what you like, what you think needs improving.  If you do not tell us what matters to you, we can not deliver what you want.

Please send me questions regarding parenting, teaching and relationships/psychology that you would like to see articles written about.

Current Goals for Improvement

Web hosting and site options.

Photography, my current camera is inadequate for the projects I want to complete, but I will persevere until I have enough money for new one.

Website iconography and artwork.

Audio equipment and hosting for pod-casting and vlog-casting.

Books and other study materials, i.e. research journal subscriptions if/when needed, to make sure this website is up to date with the latest scientific research.

Travel and admission to places reviewed on this website to assist parents in finding places and activities to do with their children.

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