The Water Bird

Symbolised by the Swan, the water bird is gifted with an aesthetic awareness of life.  The water bird is sensitive, able to discuss and explore emotions comfortably, interested in relationships, emotionally strong, wise, empathic and artistic.  He represents the ideals of self-esteem and aesthetic awareness.

Water birds find can be both admirers and creators of music and the arts.  They understand that everything has an aesthetic quality to it and that beauty should be respected as well as admired.  Whether it be crafting or listening to a loved one, water birds can turn anything into a creative act.  Intuitive and connected with people they are the lovers, poets, writers, dancers, singers, musicians, actors, illustrators, educators, architects and artists of the world.

People weak in the water bird area tend to feel their life does not matter and than they have nothing worthwhile to contribute to society.  They often feel jealous and frustrated that they can not seem to enjoy their life and achievements as much as other people and spend a lot of time feeling their thoughts and feelings are someone wrong and unwelcome to the world.  Being out of touch with the water bird is a lonely and cold existence as so much of the joy and intimacy in life comes from being in touch with one’s feelings while not rejecting them.

Traditional ideas of education either only pay the water bird lip-service through basic arts and craft training in primary school or they actively devalue and dismiss him, especially when it comes to the education of boys who are often discouraged from being creative and sensitive.  Thus many people have a poor opinion of the water bird’s importance in education, this is a shame as although the water bird is the least pragmatic of the four birds, a life without beauty, music, dance or love would be meaningless and full of despair.  The water bird gives our lives meaning and purpose, without him we cease to be human and become mere robots.

Common water bird subjects: Psychology, relationships, self-esteem, art, emotional intelligence, poetry, craft work and aesthetics.

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