Happy New Year 2019!

Hello everyone who likes to visit this page, sorry for being away for so long. In fact, before yesterday I hadn’t actually looked at this site for over two years. Yesterday, I was going through my New Year’s resolutions and thinking I really should clean up my Internet presence and get rid of a few sites that I don’t use anymore. I was going to delete this site. Not because I have changed my opinions on homeschooling, I am more committed to homeschooling than ever before. However, after a couple of failed relationships and starting a new career I put this site way down low on my list of priorities; always thinking that some day I would come back to it. Perhaps when more Australians were into homeschooling or asking questions about it? Or perhaps when I am finally married and settled down with a woman who would like to start a family with me? Alas, neither thing happened in the past two years, instead I’ve been working hard to establish a new career path for myself and saving up money for a house.

Anyway, so I logged onto this site yesterday with the intention of pulling the plug, only to find that the site traffic to Four Birds Education is relatively high. Like, despite not posting here for over two years it is really high compared to my other sites. It seems like a lot of people are interested in my articles on homeschooling and education. So considering that this site has been generating some interest and some value for people I thought, why not leave it up? In fact, why not keep it up and post a few bits and pieces on here again from time to time? Like when a review of the latest book I read, a relevant news article, or like my interest in historic events? So I’ve decided I won’t delete Four Birds, but I certainly won’t make it my main life focus. It’ll just be a small side project and the goal won’t be to create a homeschooling support business, but to encourage more Australians to home school their children.

Of course, if one day I find the love of my life and we start a family, and my therapy work dries up for whatever reason, then certainly, I might return here full time when raising and educating my own children. In the mean time, expect gradual updates to the site, posts about Australian history, culture, and issues because Australian children aren’t taught their history anymore beyond “white man bad”. Thank you for liking, visiting, and reading my ideas and I hope they’ve helped you to enrich your life and your children’s lives.


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