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Dining Table Education

I came across this article today on FB about a Women’s Wall in Kerala India. It struck me because it was such a short article and yet it was loaded with educational potential. I suggest you read it before continuing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2019!

Hello everyone who likes to visit this page, sorry for being away for so long. In fact, before yesterday I hadn’t actually looked at this site for over two years. Yesterday, I was going through my New Year’s resolutions and … Continue reading

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Book Review: “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov

One of the most important responsibilities of a parent is choosing appropriate reading material for their children.  Books contain a wealth of ideas, and while exploring different ideas is a good activity for adults to do on a regular basis, … Continue reading

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How Schools Encourage Co-dependency

Co-dependence is a technical word for what people used to refer to as “battered wife/husband syndrome” where one person in the relationship completely sacrifices their freedom and well-being to take care of the other person who takes them for granted. Such people see themselves as responsible for managing the feelings of the other person. They falsely believe they are in control of the other person’s feelings and deny the other person’s responsibility for their own problems.

There is a twelve point checklist used as a guide to determine if a person is co-dependent. Let us go through this list of items one by one and see how the public school system encourages this pathological approach to relationships. Continue reading

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Who Makes You Feel?

There are two completely different viewpoints people have about emotions: whether they are under our direct control or whether other people make us feel certain emotions. The philosophical consequences of believing one way or the other have a profound impact on how we organise and structure our relationships with friends and family. Continue reading

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Understanding Psychological Projection

Psychological projection is close to the top of my list of things I consider to be essential knowledge for everyone to know and understand.  While you will typically find no shortage of psychologists ready to point out to you that … Continue reading

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10-Hour School Days, Progress or Totalitarianism?

King in Prussia William I was building an army, an army that his son would later use to attack Austria and Poland with, to achieve this goal he concluded that two years military service was not sufficient to drill a … Continue reading

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Emotional Strength

Could you ever imagine having a conversation with someone about their house, specifically that their house was on fire and would soon be burned completely to the ground?  Yet, after informing this person that their house was on fire, they … Continue reading

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Greetings everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates over the last month. I have had to deal with two immediate deaths in my family as well as the news that the person who was the single greatest inspiration for me … Continue reading

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Erica Goldson’s Valedictorian Speech

Erica Goldson astonished her teachers and peers with her graduation speech about the public education system and the warped values pushed onto children by the state.  Her courage, wisdom and integrity is inspiring.  If the audio in the video is … Continue reading

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