Greetings everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last month. I have had to deal with two immediate deaths in my family as well as the news that the person who was the single greatest inspiration for me to create Four Birds Education has cancer and may never get a chance to see this endeavor get off the ground. I had debated whether or not I should explain my absence or not but I think it is important to let people know that I am serious about this endeavour and have committed to pushing it forward even though the person who most inspired me is no longer in my life. I have spent a lot of time over the last month thinking hard about what is important in life and what I would like to achieve with Four Birds Education. Having started this project feeling uncertain where I wanted to go and how far, I’ve decided I would like to push this project firmly and not be apologetic about it: we, as a society, have a crisis in how we treat children, treat each other and most importantly in how we treat ourselves. Self-loathing has not merely become accepted in our society, but open displays of self-deprecation have become trendy. My vision for Four Birds is to help teach people to appreciate what matters most in life is not money nor fame, but our relationships in ours lives with our children, our friends, our families and ourselves.

My goals this month are to finish off all of the essays on this web page, sort out my ABN and post some more content. Next month will the exciting phase of trying to promote and sell this business. So stick around, big things will be happening around here.

— Jason

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