How to Self-Discipline Your Child

One of the most common complaints from parents and teachers concerns how one should discipline children, and yes, you read the title of this post right.  This will not be another article explaining how important rules are and how essential it is to come down hard on children whenever the rules are broken.  Instead, I am going to suggest a method that might be a little more complicated and on the surface appear to require more effort, however, in the long run you will see the wisdom of this approach.  Remember, the goal of every parent and teacher is help a child become self-sufficient, this means they need to be able to supply their own discipline.  When you direct a child’s behaviour away from harm, that is called discipline, but when the child reigns in their own harmful behaviour, that is called self-discipline.   Teaching your children to discipline themselves is going to make any parent or teacher’s life a lot easier.  In this article we will discuss the problems with rule-based discipline and then explain why teaching values is a better alternative. Continue reading

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Introducing Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a topic we are going to be talking about a great deal at Four Birds Education because it is the core of good mental health and consequently the core of the Water Bird theme.  So it is entirely appropriate that our first content post be concerned with self-esteem.  This article is not intended to be an in-depth discussion, simply to help familiarise parents and teachers with the basic concepts so as to make later articles easier to follow.  Parents and teachers would benefit from reading this article carefully because there are people who work in education who actively teach narcissism (the opposite of self-esteem) thinking they are teaching self-esteem.  Be wary of these people, do not underestimate how much damage they can do to your children.  Being able to spot the difference between narcissism and self-esteem is as important as being able to spot the difference between genius and insanity, pride and arrogance or loving and wanting to be loved. Continue reading

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